Saturday, March 09, 2013

Zachary is 11 months and spring is in the air!

Little man turned 11 months today! We got home late last night and slept in until 2pm today! I would have kept sleeping had Zev not woken me up! Zachary was a champ on the flight over; I was so proud of him. He slept most of the way and didn't fuss too much. Wish I could say that the United Airlines folks were all nice, but I can't. I can however say that random strangers helped me greatly during transits, especially when timings were tight like in LA.

Zachary officially turned 11 months today!! Our little big boy really is getting so big!! I can't believe my baby will be a year old in just 4 weeks!! Zev and I are so thankful for Zachary; for the love, light and laughter he has filled our lives with and for the beautiful, good little boy he is. We can't wait to watch him grow up.

This afternoon, after I had a shower and have Zachary a bath, I took him out for a walk to the park. Daddy stayed home and put the baby gates up (thanks baby cakes!!) The sun was out and it wasn't too cold! I could definitely see spring in the air: the darling buds in the trees and the squirrels chirping around gave away the hints of spring time.

My family in Australia came to the airport to farewell Zachary and I. We started the day off with brekkie with dad and Ceci and then auntie Charo took mum, Zachary and I to the airport where we were met by uncle Phil, auntie Fabi and auntie Gladys.

THANK YOU so much to all our family and friends for truly giving us a beautiful holiday! It was lovely to spend time in the sun and to relax and "reset" a little! We really had a good time.

These past few weeks have shown me how precious life is. I already knew that of course, but to consciously realize that every day is something special. Jesus preached about loving EVERYBODY, regardless of race, sex, status, disability . Just seeing the interactions on the places: in the airports (have you ever noticed that you do see a true cross section of society in major airport terminals. Just sayin). Today was a beautiful day. Being well rested helps a lot.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from the last few days!!

And since little man has developed in leaps and bounds this past month, here is an update on what Zachary has been up to this month!

- crawling everywhere, standing up and reaching for things, opening up cupboards and drawers and taking stuff out...a true little boy toddler to be!!
- clapping his hands on cue ("if you're happy and you know it" and "patty cake") as well as clapping on cue ("bravo Zachary!!") and clapping whenever he eats (mealtime is fun)
- cruising on furniture
- climbing up stairs (can't go down stairs yet)
- playing peek a boo
- waving to "hello" and "goodbye". This new talent endeared him to the fellow passengers on the plane
- saying "baba", "mama" and "dada"
- still loves Cookie Monster
- fake coughing
- ticklish when tickled or I squeeze his thighs like mama Lola used to do to me (she knew just the right area too!)

We love you Zachary and pray for you every day. Have a good day, little one!

Mummy and daddy

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