Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lovely day

Yesterday was a lovely day. The sun was shining, I have lots more energy now (my "off" week) and we got to go visit Howard's work as well as let Zachary see some native Australian wildlife up close and personal! It was so cool to see the display homes and contemporary designs! It was also lovely to meet Howard's colleague, Michelle, to whom Zachary took to like a house on fire! I think he was secretly flirting with Michelle :-)

Zachary was feeling a little better today, although not 100% yet, so we just took him to the local park where they have some wallabies and wallaroos as well as emus and other native Australian birds such as a kookaburra and a lorikeet on display. He looked pretty tired but I think e liked the wallabies jumping around the best.

My cousins (sans Jimmy) came over with their lovely other halves for dinner tonight, so it was awesome to catch up and hear about their careers and education and plans for the future and laugh a little. Meme and Howard prepared a yummy dinner so that was nice too!

Today we will take Zachary to the doctors to have him checked out for flight. Please pray that she gives the ok (worried about his blocked ears mostly) for him to fly out. He is sleeping through the night and not snoring which is a good thing.

I am looking forward to coming home to Zev and to being in my house again. Not so sure about the weather (it's meant to be snowing there today while it is 82G and sunny here today). I saw this funny T-shirt on Facebook that summed up my thoughts on this issue pretty well. I will try to bring home some sunshine with me!

This trip has literally been good for my health. My oncologist has been sending me an email every week after I get my blood work done to say "good work"; that my blood work looks "good" and to keep doing what I am doing. A major part of my recovery process is PRAYER. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me, as well as for Zev and Zachary. We appreciate it and pray that The Lord blesses you today.

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