Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Guess who's 9 months old today?!!

Little man, you rock our world. We love you so much!!

What are you up to these days?!

- you are VERY active, inquisitive, talkative. You are crawling with your belly on the floor, doing what Miss Ginny calls the "inch worm crawl"
- you are getting used to your play room but still don't like being alone in it. Mummy leaves you in there for about 15 mins and then you start to fuss. Mummy is excited about making it a fun space for you :-)
- you eat solids twice to three times a day, plus a 6oz bottle of milk with each meal
- you are starting to pull up on things and can get on your knees! We still don't have baby gates on the stairs! Soon though!
- you have rhythm and mummy has watched you bop up and down to her favorite songs. She thinks you get the rhythm from her :-)
- you look so much like daddy
- you are a little flirt with the ladies, especially the sweet ladies who look after you in the church nursery. I know that they love you when they "fight" over who got to hold you.
- you are still wearing size 3 diapers
- you are a long baby but not so chunky. You wear 12 month clothes and sometimes 18 month clothes. The waist is sometimes loose on you though. Long and skinny like daddy. Trust me; you will appreciate this when you grow up!
- you are definitely photogenic. You can turn on the smile and pose whenever you see a camera. I wonder who you get that from?
- mummy and daddy love you more with each day. You truly are a blessing and you are our treasure and our gift from heaven. Thank you, Lord!

Hope you are all well and happy and healthy. Health is so important!

Love FIFi xo


Anonymous said...

We love this sweet boy!! Zachary is such a blessing! Thank you for sharing him with all of us!! Handsome little man!!! Lots of Love from the Armstrong Clan!

Gena said...

FiFi, Zachary is such a beautiful boy and like you say, he is so photogenic just like his mommy, OK, and daddy :>)) All three of you are gorgeous. I can't believe it's been almost 7 months since I last saw him and how much he has grown. He was a little baby then and now such a little boy. I think of 3 years ago and how much we talked about you wanting a child.Time sure has brought some changes. God has been with you and continues to be. Love and miss you very much Sweetie!!! xoxo