Sunday, December 09, 2012

Guess who's 8 month old today?!!

Zachary is! He is such a big boy now. Looking back at pictures of when he was just half his age; amaze me. Back then, he had no hair (although his head was still large!) and we thought he was so advanced for his age!

Zachary, what are you up to these days?

- You are ALMOST crawling! You get on all fours and rock back and forth. You sometimes lift a leg up (usually your left leg) and stick your bottom up in the air. We love watching you and clapping and encouraging you on. Once you get the hang of moving your hands, there will be no stopping you!

- You wear a size 3 diaper.

- You are growing so long and quickly too! Although your weight is not in the "large" section. Maybe you'll have a fast metabolism like daddy! You'll be grateful for that when you're older :-)

- You are driving. (Just kidding :-))

- You eat 6 ounce bottles every 4 hours or so. You sleep through the night (well from 1030pm through 530am). We will take that!

- You are still such a mellow, happy baby. We have been so blessed by God to have you!

- You like to eat food and are on "Stage 2" foods. You're not a fan of green beans or peas though, so mummy has to mix them with other foods like carrots or sweet potatoes.

We are currently on our way to Charlottesville, where I will have an MRI today. They do MRIs locally, but my neuro-oncologist is at the University of Virginia, hence the reason for going up there. We saw a rainbow on our way out from or house! Providence? God is good and we know He will keep His promises till the end of time.

This has been a great week for us. Usually the third week of my chemo means that I am tired. Thanks to the generous help and love of two special ladies, Ginny and Penny, we were able to transform my house into a home! These two southern belles came and first used stuff we already had to decorate our house, then we went shopping to buy stuff to accentuate certain areas. These gals can decorate on a dime! They were so energetic and got me going and excited to be in my house every day!

We also received our Christmas cards, with pictures that were taken by Micah Cummings and Ginny on them!

Still on the road....please pray for our traveling mercies and for the results of my MRI to amaze the doctors! I would love to be able to say "only God can explain this!"


KBPetty said...

Awesome Fi! Your home looks amazing, what great friends to support you with that! I love hearing and witnessing humans support humans! That is what we are here for! I have been praying for you this week and this morning. The hope for great results on the MRI and for Zev and your continued strength (and for Zachary contined sleeping through the night). ;-)

Ashleigh said...


What a great post! That little Z is getting TOO BIG! Give him an extra squeeze because before you know it, you will be celebrating his 3rd birthday! We just had EJ's and I simply cannot believe how fast it has gone by. Love the house pics and your CHRISTMAS CARD!! Beautiful :)