Monday, December 10, 2012

Treasure each and every day :-)

God is good! We had a good visit with the neuro-oncologist today. He said that he had "good news" to tell me regarding the MRI. It showed a little shrinkage, which he said could be attributed to either the natural shrinkage of the tumor that occurs post-surgery or the chemo. He couldn't say for sure. I was thinking in my mind "or thanks to The Lord"! This will be the new baseline for future scans and he said he was pleased with how I was coping with the chemo. Thank you to all who prayed and encouraged me. This experience, indeed this whole journey with brain cancer, has showed me how the body of Christ works to support each other in times of need. Please pray that my next scan on March 4th also shows favorable results :-)))) Today is a great day!!

I'll leave you with a picture of my two Z men in the hotel last night. I am blessed beyond belief. When the doctor gave me the results of the MRI today, I looked at Zachary and in my heart thanked The Lord for more time on earth to be with my son and husband. I even turned to Zev and said (after the doctor had left the room) "I guess I will be able to take Zachary to his first day of school"! I appreciate and give thanks for each and every day that I am alive and symptom free. I praise The Lord because He is strong and faithful and above cancer.


Anonymous said...

The joy that is in my heart reading this is overwhelming! We have been praying for a miracle for you dear friend, we have been praying for your "hope" and today is just the beginning of what will continue to come!! THANK YOU JESUS for your GRACE, your LOVE, your HOPE and for hearing our prayers! Our dear sister in Christ, FIONA is such a beacon of light for YOU LORD JESUS!!! Thank you LORD for your daily blessings both big and small. Thank you LORD for this precious friend of mine! I LOVE YOU Fiona!! Your 2 Z men are very special to me too!!! PRAISE GOD for this wonderful news!!! Prayers and Hugs, LaDonna and Clan

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear this news! Yay God! :)
~Katie Whaite