Friday, August 10, 2012

4 months!

This blog is about our everyday lives and although my brain cancer takes up a lot of our time and energy, I wanted to make sure that we celebrated the beauty in the everyday. The part that doesn't have cancer. I will just say it here but cancer blows. I wish I didn't have it but I do. I know this sound crazy but these past three weeks have actually been filled with some of he happiest times in my life. I keep saying "perspective matters". It's so true. I have a new found appreciation for LIFE and for the everyday simple stuff. Money and things don't matter; you can't take them with you when you are gone. But the relationships we build and the bonds we forge last a lifetime. I am HUMBLED by the outpouring of love and prayers from literally, around the world these past few weeks! I guess it helped that Zev and I have lived in so many different places. We both love to explore, to travel, to learn about other cultures with an open mind. He has taught me so much about life. He is a cultural anthropologist you know? Studied anthropology at Ithaca College. He makes me so happy. I see him wih Zachary and my heart leaps with joy. Those two not only look like each other but they have a special bond. Only Zev can make Zachary giggle with delight when he lifts him and snuggles his neck :-)) Makes my heart sing with JOY.

So our baby boy is 4 months old as of yesterday! Yay Zachary! I feel like he has grown SO much this past month. Who knew your 3rd month would be so action packed Zachary? Despite all that is going on, you are still such a mellow, happy baby. We haven't been taking you to Baltimore only because JHU is such a large hospital, a bit overwhelming actually and we don't want you to get sick. We are also going a million places at once. We want to protect you. Oh how we love you, son.

What are you up to this month?!

- You weighed in at 16.5 pounds (7.5 kilos) this week's 4 month well baby visit. You measure at 83% in weight
- Your length is 26 inches or about 66 cm and that is in the 87%
- Your head circumference measures at 44.6cm which mummy is pleased to say means a big head like hers at 97% :-)))
- We also got your shots done. You didn't cry as much as the first time but as I listen to you sleep, I hear that you have some congestion and a bit of a cough. Yes I am going to be that first time mum that calls pediatrics first thing in the morning to ask if I can bring you in to get checked out. Because that's what mums do.

Have I told you lately that I love you son? The pediatrician was impressed by your milestones. You are so strong in your legs. You can really balance and hold yourself up. I haven't been good lately at giving you tummy time. You roll over from front to back and back and forth again. You are getting so loved on by your grandparents. I am so grateful for that. You are such a easy baby. Thank you God.

I'm not ready to start you on solids yet. I am still getting used to formula. Maybe after my surgery. You and Zev are what motivate me to stay ALIVE and fight this cancer. I have too much to live for on this earth! I have too much to do, like teach you things especially languages and how to dance. Your daddy can cook but he can't dance :-)) He can slow dance though :-)

I am rambling and it is 3.49am. I fed you at 1.30am. Time for me to go back to bed.

Happy 4 month birthday son.

Mummy xo

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