Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Meme and Howard are here!

My mum and step-dad, Howard, arrived all the way from Sydney, Australia on Monday night!  The entire time traveling took them about 34 hours I think (they missed their connecting flight from Dallas to Charlotte). They looked great when they hopped off the airplane and surprisingly, didn't have any jet lag yesterday morning!  They were both dressed and raring to explore our local surroundings by 8am! 
It was fun for mum to see her only daughter pregnant! I am 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant today!  This Friday, the 6th is my due date!!
We had a gorgeous Virginia day yesterday.  I took Meme and Howard out to explore the local area and they loved the historic downtowns, the beautiful Colonial architecture and the general friendliness of the people here.  This is Howard's first time to America and he loved what he saw so far.  I can't believe that the last time we saw these guys was almost 2 years ago (June 2010)!!!
Like mother like daughter.  More pressies.  Mum loves giving gifts and so do I.  We had fun opening the pressies from the aunties and friends in Oz.  Zev even got a nice passport holder with a little kangaroo on it. 
EMPANADAS (Peruvian style which means they are baked and include some different ingredients like Kalamata olives and raisins and eggs).  Zev was very happy to see these when he got home! 
Mum gave me step by step instructions.  First we made the "Tuco" or meat filling with beef chuck, onions, garlic, red peppers. 
Then the assembly with the raisins, kalamata olives and egg slices.
Mum and Howard had a good production line going.
Daddy's home!!
This picture was taken last Friday, when I was right at 39 weeks pregnant.  I feel like I look HUGE but I am putting this picture on the blog so our son can flick through the pages of the blog book and track the journey of his gestation.  I am also including the next picture, taken when I was barely awake, to remember how Zev liked to "set things down" on my big belly.  He thinks it is so funny!
Zev has been checking on me during the day to see if I am "contrapting" or not.  (He mispronounces it on purpose).  Yesterday he called right before going on his lunch time run to see if I was in labor and delivery.  I know he says this jokingly, but I think it is cute.  Only God knows the day and the time that our son will make his debut into this world!  We are treasuring these "last few days" of a family of two, but are so ready for our son to arrive and make us a family of three!
"The LORD watches over you- the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night."  Psalm 121: 5-6.

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Anonymous said...

Oh FiFi, I loved reading these last few posts. You and Zev are so Blessed and have so much love to share. It's so beautiful to see. And soon there will be THREE!!!
Xo Gena