Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zev's Promotion Ceremony!

We have been showered with blessings this year especially and Zev's promotion to Colonel this past Friday is another one of our blessings.  Zev's parents came into town last Tuesday to help Zev celebrate his promotion, and it was neat for them to meet up with local friends, Rick and Ellen, who happened to be down in our neck of the woods for Zev's promotion.  Zev's promotion ceremony was lovely and simple and he was able to spend a few moments speaking and thanking all that came. 
Zev holding a cool sign send to him by our dear friends Hans and Gena, in Germany!
Zev's dad with his mum on the right and family friend Ellen on the left.
Zev's friend, Col Charlie Hale, who is now retired, did Zev's promotion.  Charlie and his wife, Kathy came down to stay with us from their home in northern Virginia.
After the ceremony, we greeted and thanked all the guests that came.  It was lovely for Zev and I to catch up with some familiar faces from previous postings.  I love the military "family"!!
Zev's promotion cake epitomised what Zev stands for.  Good words, baby! His speech was lovely too.  He thanked the Lord first then family and gave Judy and I a lovely bunch of flowers!
Here we are with Col and Kathy Hale and Zev's parents, Dave and Judy.
As you can see, I am "heavily pregnant with child."  But I still wore my black high heels, girlfriends!!
It truly was an honor to listen to Zev's accomplishments at every single posting he has had, and an honor to be married to this wonderful man. 
Zev said the sweetest thing to me this afternoon. He said that although it is great that he got promoted in the Air Force, he is also looking forward to another promotion coming up soon- to "daddy." Three weeks to go...
From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.  Luke 12:48


Lindsey said...

you look fabulous! Way to go Zev!

Gena said...

Zev's promotion piictures are wonderful. You both look terrific and Fi you are such a beautiful mother-to-be.

Zev's words about his upcoming promotion to "daddy" brought tears to my eyes. You both are so very blessed to have each other and your baby boy will be so lucky to have you as parents. God has blessed the York family!!!!

Casey Mahon said...

I am an old friend of Charlie Hale, who I came across on your Blog while doing a Google search. He and Kathy were friends of my wife and I during our Ramstein assignments back in the early 80s. Appreciate if you still have contact with them to pass along my email ( as we would love to reconnect. Thank you.