Sunday, July 03, 2011

EZ Lauf Number 3!!

Zev ran in "our" third Esslingen Zeitung "EZ Lauf" today. I say "our" because he wasn't able to run it last year because of an injury (so I ran it with Gena) and I wasn't able to run it this year because of an injury (so he ran it by himself) and the first year we ran it together. In total we have participated in the EZ Lauf 3 times! It is fun to recognize some familiar "local" faces like our neighbor's son.
It was so cool to watch him and take pictures. I am so proud of my man. I really believe that he is the fittest I have ever seen him; he looks in tip top shape and finished the 10km hilly race along cobblestones and jostling people in record time.
He did pretty good for an old guy (Zev told me to write that: he actually did very well for an "any age guy.")
Happy 4th of July weekend to our American family!
Zev and Fi xo

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