Tuesday, July 05, 2011

10th military move

This move marks the 10th military move for Zev and the 5th one for me with Zev. Together we have moved across 3 continents in the span of 7 plus years! Luckily, this move is turning out to be very stress-free and sort of fun. Zev and I went for a bike ride last night to the top of the hill behind our house and just admired the beautiful view. We will miss this place and miss living in Europe so much.
The German movers are so efficient and so professional. They seem to be a lot more careful in packing our stuff than any of our previous moves. And they move fast. They arrived today and are almost done packing our house! We have hardly had to lift a finger; just with getting some small things ready and itemising what we want to keep behind. It sure is nice having Zev at home this week! I am studying upstairs while he is on his computer next to me. I am unbelievably cool, calm and collected about these final exams even though there is so much going on this week! I attribute it to Zev and I remaining cool about the move and of course...God!
The Army will loan us some furniture to live on until the end of the month when we move on base to the hotel where we will stay until we fly out. This is exciting!

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Lindsey said...

I cannot believe it is already time for you to move again! Yippee! Back to the states!