Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank you, Betty Crocker

It is true that people in Germany love American cookies. They are "different" apparently than the regular cookies you find here (so I'm told). Anyway, Zev and my theory on what Germans like American cookies so much, is because they are sweeter than German cookies. And who doesn't like a nice, sweet, gooey cookie?

So I baked some Brownies for my German class and brought them in to school. They were eaten before you could say "Danke Shoen" which I thought was nice. Of course I was asked "did you make them yourself" to which I replied "yes, with help from my friend, Betty Crocker." It wasn't until after the class when my neighbor, Jasmine from China, asked me "could you please tell your friend Betty Crocker thank you for the brownies" that I realized that perhaps not everyone knew what I meant.

I wonder if Betty Crocker is friend's with Sara Lee?

Happy Thanksgiving all. Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your part of the world, I encourage you to take some time and reflect on the blessings you have to be thankful for. It will feel nice to do it. Just like a gooey Betty Crocker brownie.


Vikings and Blueberries said...

Awesome! And how funny that the names which are household to us just fly right over the heads of non-Americans! hehe!

Great post, Fi!

Abd P.S. I've found the same thing. Our maintenance man always only wanted to be tipped with chocolate chip cookies. The Germans are great at bread and sausages, but WE Yanks kick everyone's butt in cookies and cake. And yes, I believe it's for the same reasons you two have suggested; our stuff is just so much sweeter and more moist, whereas Europeans cookies and cakes USUALLY (with some exceptions) tend to be more dry and less sweet.

Go Fi and Betty Crocker! XO

Lindsey said...

hahaha! You are too funny Fiona!!