Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Military Family

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for one's blessings. Spending quality time with family and friends, and the people who mean the most to you. Although I (Fi) have only celebrated Thanksgiving as long as Zev and I have been together, I have cheerfully adopted this tradition, because it really means something special. This Thanksgiving was one of my favorites, if not my actual favorite Thanksgiving so far.

Our good friends Trinity and Calvin invited us along with other Americans, to spend Thanksgiving at their house. I knew Trinity and Calvin before I even met Zev. How you ask? Calvin was the Exchange Officer in Australia before Zev came to replace him! Small world isn't it? We were so excited when we found out we were coming to Germany, because we knew that Trinity and Calvin were already here. We may just have to follow those guys around the world! (Only if they get posted back to Australia of course!!)

Anyway, Trinity did an outstanding job organzing and cooking a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Everything tasted sooooo good, and it was just a warm, wonderful, relaxed, enjoyable time. After dinner all of the girls went out for a walk around downtown, and as we were talking about the far-out places that the military loves to send us (one lady is heading to Poland next year, the other is headed to Guam with her husband and kids), and the adventures that those places entail, it made me realize how lucky we are to have each other.

For those of you out there who are in the military, or have served in the military, I know that you understand what I mean when I talk about the military family. It is such a unique lifestyle that we live, that it makes it all the more important to stick together and to support one another. Especially when you live overseas and want to celebrate your traditional holidays with one another.

So this year, Zev and I are especially thankful for our military family. Zev just called up this morning one of his long time buddies that he knew from college, who is stationed here with his family. We are planning to drive to their base to visit them, in a few weeks. I am grateful to our military family in the US but also in Australia, especially my brother and his family and our friends that we knew from our time with the Australian Air Force. Love and hugs from Germany Zev and Fi xoxo

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