Saturday, November 21, 2009

The first signs of Christmas.

I know that we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but I have been feeling in the Christmas mood for about 3 or so weeks now! Have you, too? I love Christmas! I think that living in Europe helps add to the romance and joy of Christmas. Every little town here seems to have their very own quaint little Christmas market. The Esslingen Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) and adjacent Middle Ages Market (Mittlealtemarkt) starts on Tuesday. I have already watched them build a little each day this week. You know I will be there. The Stuttgart Weihnachtsmarkt officially starts on Tuesday also. Tonight Zev and I popped into downtown Stuttgart to check out the ice skating rink and the beginnings of the Christmas market. It truly looks magically and the fun hasn't even started! Just all the lights twinkling at night. Sipping on hot Gluwein while watching people skate round and round to retro music. Just lovely.

So here are the first pictures we took from the Stuttgart Christmas Market. We ran into fellow Americans who also live in Stuttgart, Ryan and Laura, who were also on their way to the skating rink! Hope you guys had a lovely evening!!

Hope you have a great week, and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving- Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought their booth decorations were appropriate- ice skating theme!

German festival= German festival candy with writing on it. When in Germany.....

The ice-skating rink and surrounding tents.

A little stall being set up.

On comes the star...

I can't wait to see this model railway in action!! How cute is this model German village? Reminds me of sweet Esslingen.

The window display in one the department stores- the figures are made entirely of Lego!!

Zev looking in the store window. I loved the little Lego girl...

Little lego kids playing in a snowy German Lego land.


Lindsey said...

Cool! I always wanted to go to a German Christmas market!!!

Laura and Ryan said...

I love the pics! We had a great night and just as I started to get really cold, everyone decides they want to go get ice cream. For real?? LOL