Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Parties and the Electric Slide

Can I just say that this is an "in-between: post, because I am dying to show you the pictures from the Christmas markets around town, but (leider! unfortunately!) our other computer (the one that we download pictures with) is feeling a little krank (I have a big German test on Friday, so my head is full of German at the moment, forgive me). Anyway, I just thought I would share some of the Christmas cheer, and post some pics that our dear friends, Hans and Gena took at the recent Christmas Party for Zev's work. It was a lovely party, and it was great to catch up with military friends that we don't see often. It was also a good time for Zev to show me his mad dancing skills (yes, you read correct- my man danced with me for THREE SONGS!! I am so proud of him). Gena also showed me how to do the Electric Slide (I am from Australia and a child of the 80s/ 90s- sorry that I have never danced this before!) As you can imagine, I loved it.

I am personally praying that YOU are having a good Christmas season. I listened to a friend last night, who told me about how for her, Christmastime does not bring back good memories, because of her divorce a while back, and the loneliness she endured for a time afterwards. Anyway, she and I talked about how I seem happy all the time (I have my days too, don't worry!) I shared that I find Joy in each new morning, and I am one of those people (Zev can attest to this) who loves to express my Joy in physical ways (like boogieing down on the dance floor!)

Psalm 30:5 says "weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning." Joy cometh.

I pray that you find peace and joy today.

Love and hugs,

Fi xoxo

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