Sunday, November 15, 2009

German class and a whole other world out there

Hallo! Here we are practicing our conversational skills with each other- we had to role play being at a party and asking each other questions. I am standing with Daniel from Australia, Wau from Brazil and Mohammed from Egypt.

Sheila from the Phillipines, Jeong-Hoon and Moon-Hee from South Korea (very cute newlyweds) and Rachel from France. I am learning so much about other cultures and countries as well as learning German with this class!

Going to watch Leerang in concert. Amazing talent displayed by these music school students!!
We watched a full concert for 5 euro!

How cool is this organ in the background? It was amazing to see this young lady play such beautiful music on such an enormous instrument!

You can kind of see Leerang in the far back, far right. She was the only tuba player!

I thought I would blog today about what I spend most of my days doing here- learning German. I attend a wonderful school in downtown Stuttgart (along with my best friend here, Adele), and I absolutely love it. Class is from 8.30am until 1pm every day. It is amazing how much of a language you can pick up if you study it for about 5 hours every day!! German (in my opinion) is a hard language to learn, but I am getting there and can actually speak conversational German with my classmates. Our next door neighbors now just speak to me in German (and even correct me when I pronounce something wrong- like "ich wuensche dir einen schonen Tag" as opposed to "ich wuensche dir einen schoenen Tag.") What's the difference you ask? Well it's all in the pronounciation and a little thing called "umlauts." If you say "schonen" then this means "already" or something has already happened. The word with the umlaut, "schoenen" means beautiful or nice. So I was saying "have an already day" as opposed to "have a nice day." ANYWAY, I am taking these classes in order to pass the University level German entrance exam (to study at a uni next year, God willing!!). My class at this school is VERY cool- we have students from South Korea, including one very musically talented young lady called Leerang, who is attending the local Conservatorium of music here in Stuttgart; as well as students from Brazil, the Phillipines, Egypt, China, and.....AUSTRALIA! Yes, there is a guy from Melbourne, Australia in my class, and it is cool to hear the Aussie accent and banter about the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. Here are some pictures taken by Jasmine from China, including some from our trip to the Conservatorium of Music to watch Leerang play the tuba in concert last week! Side note- even though I take German class every day, you should see Zev use the German he picks up from the street when ordering stuff at the store- he has a good ear for languages too! Now if only he would let me teach him Spanish.......Auf Wiedersehen! Fifi xoxoxo

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Beks said...

Fiona! Oh I miss learning German! My spanish is coming along, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Deutsch! Im glad you have found a good class, sounds very interesting! say hi to Adele for me!