Monday, July 20, 2009

La Dolce Vita

For those of you that have been to Italy, you will probably agree that La Vita really is dolce there. And the gelato too. You know, Zev and I feel so blessed to live in Europe and have these experiences. We are humbled by the fact, we truly are, and we wish we could share the experiences with our dear family and friends. God is good and actually, we have felt blessed in all our postings- Sydney, Alabama, Louisiana and now here. We just try to be the best people we can be and to be obedient. You don't need to go to Europe to appreciate the beauty and those around you. Each place that we have lived in holds a special spot in our hearts, and we still keep in regular contact with our dear friends that we made at each of those places. So perhaps a little suggestion as to counting ones blessings- sometimes you just need to look around you and be thankful for your health, safety and the little things in life. The Italians appear to really understand what it means to enjoy life and appreciate their surroundings- they enjoy a long lunch and time with family and friends, although they can be pretty "passionate" and "expressive" on the roads!!

The pictures below are of the smallest German speaking country in the world: Liechtenstein. Blink and you'll miss it. This is how you visit 4 countries in 1 hour- drive from Germany to Switzerland, cutting a little bit off the side of the Austrian border (we were technically in Austria for about 15 minutes- still had to get the special toll ticket but such is life in Europe). We then drove into Lichtenstein about 15 minutes later after we crossed the Swiss border. Very quaint country. Little country but very quaint. A real prince still lives in this castle too. Other interesting facts about Liechtenstein: it is not part of the EU and has no intention to join (something about tax breaks....);

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