Monday, July 20, 2009

A real Prince still lives here

Schloss Solitude is located in Stuttgart. A really pretty palace- small but in a great location and in great condition. One of the princes of Baden-Wuerttemberg (the German state we live in) liked to have parties and balls here.

Schloss Hohenzollern (which is still owned by the former royal family of Germany, and in which the current Prince has a summer residence in). Must be nice to have a residence for all seasons!

And finally, my favorite- Schloss Ludwigsburg. Why? Because there is so much history to be told in this castle- our tour took almost 3 hours- and because the City of Ludwigsburg and the German government have done a great deal of work to maintain the historical artifacts and authenticity of the castle. It even has one of the world's oldest personal baroque theatres inside!
We are so blessed to live in Southern Germany, because there are no shortage of castles here- all within a short drive!! And I (Fi) LOVE a good castle- especially one with a lot of history and amazing stories. How about a castle with a real life prince? Well, Hohenzollern Castle about an hour south of Stuttgart is still owned by the Hohenzollern Family. It is one of the most breathtaking castles I have ever seen- the position of the castle on top of a mountain in the Schwabish Alps is simply stunning. The heir of the Hohenzollern family, George Frederick, Prince of Prussia, now manages the castle at the grand old age of 30, and apparently, on the day we toured the castle, we had just missed seeing the prince (who lives in Berlin). We had a group of French students on our castle tour, and you can only imagine the "oohs and ahs" by the French girls, and the rolling of the eyes by the French boys (as well as Zev) when the tour guide told us that we had just missed seeing the Prince (or sitting down for a cup of tea as mum put it). A great experience touring this beautiful castle.

Later in the week, I took Mum and Howard to visit my "favorite local castle"-Schloss Ludwigsburg. We were really lucky in getting an extra special tour by a dedicated tour guide, Martina. She even graciously showed us parts of the castle never shown to tourists normally, and once she heard that I live in the area and that this was my 5th tour of the castle, she asked whether I was interested in a job giving tours in English and Spanish!! She told me to think about it, but I think it sounds like a fabulous idea....what do you think?

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Laura and Ryan said...

Fabulous idea! If you were the tour guide, I would totally come once a week and take the tour! haha! I would LOVE a job like that, but you my dear, are a perfect fit!