Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our little Apple Tree

I may have posted previously that in Zev's lunch box I place a cut up apple. Every day. He really loves it and sometimes puts peanut butter on it. I am happy that he is eating a piece of fruit every day. He eats pretty healthy most of the time anyway. BUT this Summer has also brought a wonderful surprise to us in terms of our very own apple tree in our backyard. Our landlords told us it was an early blooming apple tree- but it started dropping ripe apples around the beginning of summer already!! While Howard was here with mum, he made us TONS of wonderful apple compote- apples chopped up with raisins and honey and cooked in the microwave for a few minutes! Yummy for breakfast. Anyway, I find it so cool that I can walk into our little backyard and pick apples. We have had to give a bunch away though- there are only so many apples a person can eat. Maybe I could freeze some apple pie though? My dear neighbor, Madga gave me some homemade Sour Cherry Pie (she thought Zev would "love it"), and said she was going to start making Apfelkuchen (apple cake) now that the apples from her orchard were starting to ripen. I wonder if she can give me any tips on how to make Apple Pie- German style!?

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Danny Hetherington said...

Fi, I'd heard that you get Zev's socks and jocks ready for him, but you also cut up fruit for his lunchbox?

Haha! Do you have to peel it for him too? I have to do that for Grace.

Hope you are both well,