Saturday, November 22, 2008

Moving Day!

Oh we love to move. No seriously, even though the military is gracious enough to move us every couple of years and one would think that it would grow old after a while, Zev and I enjoy the adventure of settling in to new surroundings; getting to know new neighbors (and we have been extremely blessed with excellent neighbors in every move that we have done); and in using our imaginations as we figure out how to configure our stuff in our new houses. Moving day was interesting for a few reasons- the movers had to come up with imaginative ways to get our bigger furniture like our couches and mattresses in through the balcony of the main bedroom, and we discovered that we had more stuff broken than previous moves which really wasn't a big deal- just like the Bible says, don't get too attached to the things of this world! It's the non-material stuff that matters!! We really like our new house in Germany and love our neighbors and little town. We have a little baker, butcher, florist etc all within a 5 minute walk. We think we are close to figuring out the recycling protocol- basically there are different days allocated for different types of recycling- in addition to regular garbage and paper recycling. We must use a special yellow plastic bag for things like packaging and aluminium cans and Fi had a fun time tracking down where to get those plastic bags in downtown Esslingen! Our current favorite thing to do when we are at home is to go on a bike ride through the woods behind our house, and ride up to the top of the mountain where we have a spectacular view of all of Stuttgart.

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