Saturday, November 22, 2008

We're baaaack!!

Well after what seems like an eternity that we last updated our blog, we have finally been set up with Internet and phone at home (just yesterday in fact!) And yes, we will be emailing all our family and friends our contact details shortly. So much has certainly happened since we took our little trip to watch the cows coming down from the Alps in Austria. Watching the American elections from Europe was a strange but interesting experience! We cast our vote early by absentee ballott and this was an extra special election as it was Fi's first election as an American citizen! We have moved into our lovely home in the historic town of Esslingen (we can hear the church bells from our front balcony and it is certainly an experience, especially on Sundays!) Zev is working hard at work, and Fi is working hard at home to help Zev relax and de-stress when he comes home (we have been enjoying our evening bike rides through the woods- our bikes have front and back lights and going for a bike ride after a long day sometimes makes life all the more better!) Fi has been taking German classes every day at the local "Volksochschule" (adult community college) through this intense German course ("for "schnell" or fast learners- every day for three hours a day). The class is kicking Fi's butt (lots of rules and the need to know whether an object is feminine, masculine or neutral- let's just say that your table is male, your car is neutral and flowers are feminine- but of course!), but she has made some lovely new friends including sweet Adele from France. We are actually having Adele and her husband Romain over for dinner tonight. We thought we would share some of our culture with them so we are serving them Mexican food- TexMex style. Help yourself to Tacos kind of thing. This may even revolutionise the way French people each! Who knows. We are looking forward to our visitors in the new year and pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be able to update our blog more often now that we have internet connenction. Until the next update, take care, God bless and keen smiling! Zev and Fi xoxoxo

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