Saturday, November 22, 2008

All Four Seasons!

I (Fi) have a new found appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the four seasons. Growing up in Australia and then living in Alabama and Louisiana, I never really witnessed the changing of the colors of leaves in the fall or the beauty of a fresh white snow cover during the winter. Zev and I have really enjoyed going out on our bikes or for runs and enjoying the beauty of nature, and the evolution of the seasons. God created such a beautiful Earth! Today we had snow that stuck to the ground for the first time. Zev is educating me on the joys of watching out for icy patches on the roads or properly rugging up against the cold! He mentioned something about shovelling driveways but I don't see our driveway getting that covered in snow.......time will tell! The historic town of Esslingen that we live in is renowned for its "Burg" or "Fortress" and the beautiful cobblestoned streets around old half-timbered houses. There are so many wonderful little shops, cafe's, restaurants and pathways downtown and we love to ride our bikes or run into the Altstadt (Old Town) and just soak up the history and beauty. Esslingen is known for its annual Medieval Christmas Markets which start this coming Tuesday! They last for a whole month. Can't wait! Apparently they have jousting on the grounds of the castle too!

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