Saturday, October 18, 2014

Zachary singing the US Air Force song and brain biopsy

Zachary will break out into the US Air Force song spontaneously and we love it.  Especially when he does the "emphasis" parts like "give her the gun!" Adorbs :-))

Yesterday he also wowed mama when he showed me his impressive puzzle skills! Yes, we have done the fire truck giant puzzle a million times, but yesterday he showed some great deductive reasoning skills in matching the pieces. As in "oh this is a fire hose? Where does the fire hose go?" Or "oh this is a yellow piece? Where are the other yellow pieces?" After MOPS, I took him on a date to Walmart where we spent the best $6 ever and bought a Thomas the Train giant puzzle. Zachary was happy and daddy was really impressed!

This past Friday, we went up to Johns Hopkins university hospital to have my stitches taken out and receive my brain biopsy results. My stitches came out just fine and Dr. Q said that he hadn't received the biopsy results yet. He said that based on the biopsy he wasn't worried: that he did see some radiation necrosis (good) on the biopsy as well as some tumor (ok since he said he saw grade 2 tumor and not a higher level). I trust him and more importantly, I trust my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As they say "it's all good." They really ought to say "God is good ALL the time."

Trusting in Him.

Love, Fiona


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