Thursday, October 16, 2014

So thankful to be ALIVE

God has allowed me to have a fantastic week. When you have brain cancer 2 years and still running, there are a lot of good days but also a lot of not so fun days. This entire week has been amazing and I feel SO thankful, that I just needed to write a blog post THANKING God for His mercy and grace and gifts. God is good. ALL THE TIME. Today is Thursday, October 16th. Tomorrow, Zev and I head to Baltimore for Dr. Q to take out my stitches and tell us the results of the biopsy. Zev asked me last night whether I was afraid of the results. I told him no. No, because I trust that Jesus will heal me and that if I prayed for healing, BELIEVING that I will be healed, then I know that I will be healed. In His perfect time. And in His perfect way.

Zachary has been doing great lately. It's like a switch was turned on these past few weeks and he is now able to rationalize and understand things. I think communication is the key to a lot of issues with young children. He is SO MUCH FUN to be around and is really FUNNY! Our sweet family friend, Ginny, took our annual pictures this week at a local park. Isn't she fabulous? We love how the pictures turned out. She has a way with kids.

I hope you enjoy this little video from Zachary's preschool. Although we are Christian, we love that he is learning all about Hebrew culture and custom at his little preschool.

Have a blessed week

Fiona xo


Gena said...

You are a breath of very fresh air Sweet FiFi. Always positive and charging ahead. God loves you very much dear girl and so do many many others. Praying up for the best of news tomorrow. xoxo

Ruth Moore said...

Hope you all had a successful trip to see Dr. Q. Your annual photos are great!
Love and hugs.

Katherine said...

I wish we lived closer Fi! Henley and Zachary seem so similar at times! His communication has really progressed in recent months and it amazes me every day as I'm sure you understand.

So proud of you hun xx