Sunday, March 09, 2014

Week 3 of General Grey with Pink Sparkles Brain Cancer Battle Training!

Thankful for the heartfelt prayers and support from all of our family and friends! Here is a recap of Week 3 of Brain Cancer Battle Training! 

God bless :-)

Day 14 of Brain Cancer Battle Training: Zachary turned. 23 months old today! This means he will be TWO YEARS OLD in a month! Yikes!

Mama had an Awesome Powercut session at the Y with the incredibly motivating Avis!! As she was saying "fat, you don't belong here, you don't belong in my body, you've got to get OUTTA HERE!!" (if you know Avis, insert her voice her with inflection!) I was saying "brain cancer" instead of "fat." Yes ma'am, brain cancer does NOT belong in my body and it has got to get OUTTA HERE! Haha. What a gorgeous Spring day it is outside! I have 2 more days of Pre-Deployment training before the Radiation Battle starts! And yes, I make Zev call me General Grey with Pink Sparkles or the Genny for short in the mornings :-))

Day 15: The General and DADDA stayed home from church because Zachary has a right ear infection and we spent the better half of the night in the ER. He was wide awake when we got home but with the time change and all, we actually woke up after the time to leave for church! His fever has broken thank goodness! 

I went out for a quick shop and ran into the lovely and super encouraging Rhonda, whose husband Neal teaches our Sunday school class (and is amazing at it too!) She gave me the sweetest gift: a pink and grey scarf and these earrings that I was admiring in the store the other day! Thank you, dear one! I'm so thankful for your presence in my life!

Then, when I got home, my Z men had the sweetest card presented to me by the neighbors (who found out the latest on my brain cancer journey though this blog). I haven't cried since that day in Dr. Schiff's office (we are in battle mode and Generals don't cry :-)) but whenever I hear of children praying EARNEST prayers (isn't this what Jesus talks about in the Bible: "come to me as children")?? I tend to get a little emotional :-) A joyful emotional but I love those prayers :-) Thank you sweet neighbor kids :-)) I especially love that the card is handmade on grey paper with pink, sparkly stickers on the front and back :-))
Day 16: Went to the Look Good Feel Better program at the oncology clinic! So much fun!
My neighbor Michele then surprised me with a lovely pedicure! Thanks Michele!
Day 17: Zachary invited Sleep Sheep to have breakfast with us and then proceeded to show Sleep Sheep how to go potty (mama intervened!) He is turning into such a cutie pie! Meme arrived today!!!
Day 18: Babygarten at Zachary's favorite place, the library! Mama is hoping that will still be Zachary's favorite place when he turns 15 :-)) His second favorite place is church!
Zachary received a super cool gift from our dear friends Chiara and Jerry and their family, who currently live in Germany! He LOVES this builder game!! Thank you!!
He then proceeded to help make cornbread for dinner :-)
And show Meme how his farm tractors worked.
Day 19: Mr. Almost-two-years-old wanted to sit at the adult table and eat his breakfast there! 
He later made mama's heart home when he posed in front of the international symbol of hope for cancer: daffodils!
Day 20: DADDA and Zachary had a men's day (thank you baby!) while mama went with Meme to do some fun shopping in Williamsburg! Beautiful day!
Day 21: Last day of pre-radiation battle deployment training! We went to church to praise The Lord for His mercies every single day!
Sunday evening, Ginny and Mark came over and dropped off a beautiful surprise playlist for FIFi! I love it!!!! Thank you guys so much for this amazing effort! Thanks to all who participated! 
Feeling ready for battle. Let's do this! 


Cassy Quick said...

You and your mother look like twins! Best wishes and prayers! kick butt!!!

Carrie and Andrew Rogers said...

Much love and Prayers from NC <3

Michele said...

Thank you General for the uplifting and inspiring update! You are amazing, and you are loved! Our Father in Heaven loves you...and so do I! You rock! Keep it up!! XO