Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Brain Cancer Battle Training recap!

Today is Day 9 of Brain Cancer Battle Training! Zev was meant to deploy to the Middle East in May, but now that he's not, I told him that he still has a battle to fight along my side at home! He is my 2IC (second in charge) because I'm General Grey with Pink Sparkles. Zachary is the highest ranking General of all in the house, because when he calls, we come running! Ha ;-))

Hope you enjoy the recap of Brain Cancer Battle Training!

Day 1: Work-out at the Y with the motivating Glynnis!

Day 2: Workout some more (today I did "Boot Camp" at the Y, how appropriate right!) and enjoyed my goofy boy!

Day 3: Babygarten with Brady and Megan and watching Zachary sing "Choo choo" with Miss Marty!
Saw the first daffodil's (international symbol of hope for cancer fighters) at the oncology clinic today!
Also began writing my morning lunchbox notes to both my Z men (Zachary can read them when he's older!)

Day 4: Visit with my radiation oncologist and get shown my mask (I had to get my hair cut really short before they custom fit it to my head).

Day 5: Had breakfast and a FUN time wig shopping with the wonderful Gig the Hop! We had a riot!
Don't worry, I didn't go blonde :-) I tried this one on for size but ended up ordering one exactly the same hair color as my hair and with an awesome style, so I'll have great hair EVERY DAY! I'll take that!

Day 6: Breakfast with my Z men!!
Then, I got my hair cut short by the wonderful Katie! I love it!!!
Also received a lovely thank you photofraph from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Class of 2016, for the talk that I did last year with Dr. Quinones (my incredible neuro-surgeon), after he invited me to give my patient experience to his pathoanatomy class. I think when Zev, Zachary and I came in and they saw how young I was and how prior to bein diagnosed with brain cancer, I had zero symptoms, that this resonated with them.

Day 7: And The Lord rested :-)) Haha this was a Sunday and we went to church and everyone commented on my hair (still getting used to styling it!) Zev's parents arrived and since it was such a nice day, we went out to the nature museum!

Day 8: Workout at the Y again (I feel so strong and think of myself "Brain Cancer, you need to die already! Ughh") when I workout. That helps a lot :-) Glynnis, the wonderful class instructor is also awesome!

So there you have it! As a sweet friend said "brain cancer picked the wrong battle. It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight. You know who's going to win."

Love you all and THANK YOU for your prayers! The battle (ie: radiation starts Monday, March 10th!) Off to more pre-battle training I go :-)

FIFi (aka General Grey with Pink Sparkles).


Cassy Quick said...

General Grey w/ Pink Sparkles...

I love your new do....it look so cute on you!! You're already "aceing" the pre-battle training!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Fifi, I read your blog via my friend, Pat. You are one of the most awesome people I know! Good luck in your first day of battle on Monday. You are a winner!!!

Jennifer said...

Your new cut looks FABULOUS on you! I just had to tell you. lolm :)