Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lots of visitors and a yaya

We have been blessed these past few weeks with a bunch of visitors from Australia (mum and Joanne from my Navy days!!); Germany (Julia) and of course mum who has really been a HUGE help with Zachary and the house (I love you mum!) 

Zachary fell in the driveway while pushing his toy lawn mower :-(( After much blood, tears and 4 hours in the ER later, Zachary was all stitched up (well they used glue) and now he's been pointing out his "yaya" (boo boo) to everyone. He likes to add emphasis with a pout. Pretty cute :-)

So I told "my story" of the past year and a half, to my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group this past Thursday....and it felt great! Zev and mum and some other ladies and I prayed over this talk and my goal was to glorify God first of all but also to share with the other mums that we each have a "story" and that by sharing it with another person, you may very well provide the encouragement that person needed (our theme for MOPS is "embrace your story" and I introduced my sweet friend Megan, who encouraged me when she shared her own traumatic brain injury story with me after my brain surgery last year.) 

So it's all good. It's all very good. It's fall here which in Virginia is a gorgeous time of year. A lot of people like the fall (Autumn) and the changing colors of the leaves really is beautiful :-)) 

Have a great weekend!

Much love,

FIFi xo

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Liz King said...

Hi Fiona, it's Liz King from Las Vegas. I've been thinking of you lately. Wow! Zachary has grown! We have our own little guy who is now 3 and loads of fun. He came home from China on May 4th of this year. So nice to see your family pictures. Much love to you all.