Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh happy day!

What a FUN day today! God is SO GOOD! I can tell that a lot of folks have been praying for me: I posted on Facebook today that I'm actually GLAD to start chemo cycle 12 tonight because of the ENCOURAGING news that the rain tumor is shrinking! Thank you, Lord. 

So today. Zachary and I joined Megan and Brady to visit the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach. The boys loved it and were so cute to watch, sharing their little snacks (and sippy cups!) with each other and just getting along really well! Zachary loved watching (and waving to!) the Navy fighter jets flying by! Wouldn't it be fun if he followed daddy (and mama once upon a time!) into the Air Force? I just love Megan and we had a great time chatting and chasing the boys! Mama needed to take a nap when she got home! So thankful for GREAT days like today :-)

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