Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life as a busy toddler!

Little man is certainly fulfilling the definition of being an active, 16 month old toddler!! Climbing up onto EVERYTHING, opening doors, trying to get things out of the child-proofed cabinets, wanting "bubbles" or "ball" or putting my shoes by the front door to indicate that he wants to go play outside! So cute but also a little dangerous as he can now open doors by himself and carries his little step stool from room to room to climb up onto things and peek out through the windows!! He's ALL boy, that's for sure! Loves daddy's bikes in the garage too "vroom vroom?"

So because he kept running to the big play set out the back and climbing up the ladder (where did he learn to do this?!) and wanting to slide down the rather steep slide (this child has no concept of fear or danger. Next he'll be throwing himself out of perfectly good airplanes like his daddy!) we decided to look into some safer indoor options, where he could play and climb and throw balls and not hurt himself. We found an awesome deal online through Walmart for this indoor play set that Zev assembled in 10 mins. Zachary loved it and immediately climbed on and started exploring. This morning before church, he took his first slide down, all by himself! So fun...and so exhausting too! Love having a toddler in the house though. He keeps us young and silly :-)

Have a great week. 

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