Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thunder clap

Little man got suddenly woken up from his midday nap by this thunder storm we just had. I ran upstairs when I heard him shrieking and when he was in my arms and the thunder hit, he shook so hard and cried even harder. He was genuinely afraid. So I gathered him, his bottle and his favorite blanket and sat in the rocking chair (he hasn't let me rock him since he was about 10 months old!) and as I silently rocked him as held him close and whispered "it's ok, everything's going to be just fine" he sat very still and slowly closed his eyes. I thanked God for the opportunity to hold my baby like that again and to be still with him. Zachary felt so SECURE in my arms, trusting that everything was going to be ok and that he was protected from the scary noises outside. I wondered what he thought was outside making those noises? A monster of some sort? As I was thanking God, I thought "this is what it must be like for God and his children." To comfort us and to hold us in his loving arms and still us with his presence. To feel secure that everything will be ok, even if we hear loud, scary noises and imagine the worst. Whereas I knew that the storm would eventually pass and Zachary would be able to go back to sleep, he was genuinely scared. I just kissed his sweet head and lovingly watched as his eyes slowly closed back asleep. This is what God must feel when we run to him, cry out to him and he cradles us in his strong arms and reassures us that we will be ok and everything will be fine even when we don't understand it or can't see the whole picture. So thank you, God, for this insight today and for the opportunity to hold my busy toddler, even if for a moment.

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