Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Little man turns 15 months old

Our precious boy Zachary turned 15 months today! Where has the time flown?! I tried to take a picture of our little man standing still but couldn't (ha and I thought I could have a little peace and quiet this morning while I snuck 5 minutes on the computer without a little person tugging at my pant leg...Silly mummy!!) 

We love you little man more and more each day. I love that you are so busy exploring things and into everything that you can't stand still (Sit still? Forget about it!) for a picture; your adorable, cheeky smile that melts my heart; how you say "mum" with an Australian accent and are so happy to see me in the mornings; how you wave and flirt with ladies (any lady, any age! The older lady at the check out today said you made her day when you blew her a kiss goodbye!). Never lose your sweet innocence Zachary. I love it when daddy comes home from work and you say "dadda dadda" and are so excited to see him. I love the way you mumble baby talk to yourself as you roam through the house; how you get quiet when you're in the computer room or up to something; how your vocabulary is exploding and you say things so clearly, it astounds us. You have said it enough times that we are pretty sure you say "Amen" after we bless the food. And "cheers" as you clink your sippy cup. How you try new flavors and very determinately shake your head and say "No!" when you don't want something. 

You bring joy to our lives even when it feels so dark. God gave us you for a very specific purpose and at the perfect time. I realize that with more clarity each day. I love you son. Daddy loves you, as does everyone that meets you. I love your adorable curls and don't want to cut them yet. Thank you for being our little sunshine and for being you.

Happy 15 month birthday!

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