Saturday, February 02, 2013

To God be the Glory!

So in the category of "coincidences don't just happen" or "the similarities are just so uncanny", there is the wonderful story of how I met Brie. We are both battling brain cancer, both Air Force wives, both in our early thirties (she 31, me 32), both had brain surgery at Johns Hopkins within the span of about 6 months (albeit by different surgeons), both our husbands work in logistics, both share the same roller coaster of fear and joy, hope and anguish, but the best part is we are both sisters in Christ and she encourages me so much!!!

A mutual friend, Rhonda, who's husband works with Zev, introduced us. We all had lunch together yesterday and it just felt so natural and good to connect with this godly ladies! I laughed over how Rhonda and I met last September. She was introduced to me by another Air Force wife and I remember her telling me how she had heard of me through a mutual friend stationed in Florida, who had PICKED MY NAME OUT OF A PRAYER REQUEST BASKET IN A CHURCH IN FLORIDA (side note: I had no idea that I was on a prayer request list in a church in Florida!) and when Rhonda mentioned praying for me, her friend told her "I think I am praying for the same Fiona!" Ok, to God be THE GLORY!!! Seriously. That is no coincidence!

I think I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago. I like to think of these occasions as "meant to be's".

So here I'll leave you with some pictures from lunch. I'll also include some of our little Casanova, also known as Zachary, who was on flirtation mode big time yesterday. He flirts from everyone including teenage girls to older ladies. Hopefully his charm will last the long flight to Australia!

Please pray for dear Brie and I. She encourages me to believe that I can be healed. In God's perfect timing :-))

Love Fiona


Jamie said...

I stopped calling them coincedences a long time, too! I finally recognize these things as God's providence! I am constantly amazed at the greatness of His love and how it reaches to the smallest detail in His children's lives. I am so thankful that He has blessed you with these praying friends!

gena said...

Sweet FiFi, your cancer has brought so many to prayer all over the world. I wish your cancer was not the source of all the prayers but God is listening. You have been on several prayer lists here in Florida since the word of your cancer and they will continue after you are blessed with a cure. Love and prayers for you Dear Girl xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for Zachary to get any cuter/sweeter?
I, too, pray for you and your family daily.