Friday, February 01, 2013

The irony of it all

Having brain cancer is not fun. I'm sure you already guessed that :-). Chemo is not fun either. Chemo makes me tired. The irony is that which makes me so tired now is meant to help me get better. I am taking Temodar in the tablet form at home. I am on a 3 weeks on/ 1 week off schedule. I was explained that this chemo is cumulative and that I would probably feel pretty tired towards weeks 2 and 3. Another irony: I am blessed that I don't suffer from the other common side effect: nausea. Life is full of delicious ironies. The latest one: although I have been "officially shagged" (Australian for really exhausted) this week, I am so excited about our trip down under next week, that I got up super early because I couldn't sleep. I'll have to nap later. The best irony of all? The fact that Jesus Christ died for my sins, despite me being a sinner and not doing anything to deserve His salvation. I love that. And I love that this is a promise with a guarantee :-))

Have a great week!!

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Gena said...

I do hope that your chemo regement is kind to you during your trip to OZ. Get rest when you can, it's so important for you FiFi. Let the dotting relative and friends care for Zachary and pamper you while you're there. Wishing you, Zev and Zachary a wonderful trip to your homeland!!! xoxoxo