Monday, February 11, 2013

Parents Room

We went to the local mall yesterday and I was blown away by the area where parents got to change their baby's nappy (diaper). The areas here are called "Parents Rooms" and maybe because this is the first time that I have come to Australia as a mum, but I was quite impressed with the baby changing facilities! Please humor me by reading this and looking at the pictures, but I was so impressed by the cleanliness, the practical aspects of the space, like colorful walls, pictures and hanging things for the baby to look at while he was being changed, conjunct areas for the older kids to play while mum changes the baby, complimentary WARM wipes, special rooms with TVs dedicated for nursing mothers, a microwave and sinks...amazing stuff. I do think Australia does the baby change area thing well; much better than the pull down tray in the disabled toilets! And this was in the local mall! I think mummy enjoyed the experience more than Zachary did!

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Gena said...

Amazing stuff Fi. Makes ya want to move right in :>)) I hate to bad mouth my country BUT I'm not too sure how long those wonderful accommodations would last if it were in a local mall in the states. We need more respect for each other and property.

Sure glad you had a great nappy changing experience. xoxo