Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another fun day at the beach

Today we went with my brother Mario's family to the beach. To Balmoral Beach. This time we took Zachary. It was so cute to see him feel sand between his toes and then feel the sensation of sea water on his little body. We even dunked him underwater and be did great! I think the swimming lessons helped :-) Dad and Ceci provided sandwiches for lunch. It was fun to hang out with Mario and Gabby and for Zachary to play with his adorable cousins. Zev and I also "slip slipped slapped" and made sure our little man was covered up well. It was cool to see HMAS Penguin, which is an Australian naval training base in the north shore. Beautiful location! We are really enjoying our trip Down Under :-)) The sun and lovely weather as well as catching up with family and friends has been great.

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