Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zachary's first solids!!

After Zachary started watching us eat this week, we decided to up his solid food start date to today (we were originally going to wait until his 6 month birthday, which is on October 9th). Zev and I were probably more excited than Zachary! Or we were all equally as excited :-))

Enjoy the video!


Anonymous said...

Precious moment!! Thank you for sharing!! Lots of love to all of you!! :) LaDonna and Clan

Lindsey said...

How sweet! He did waaaaaaay Better that my boys with cereal! What a big boy!

Oh and I love hearig your voice on that video, Fiona!

Anonymous said...

Oh Fiona, you are both such wonderful parents. you're beautiful inside and out. Hope you're feeling as good as you look. Love your accent too!!!
Linmarie in Fl