Sunday, September 09, 2012

Happy 5 month birthday Zachary!!!

Our boy is 5 months old today! As Zev jokingly said today, it seems like just a month ago he was 4 months old! Get it?

We are so honored to be your parents, Zachary.

Here's what you are up to this month:

- You are wearing size 3 diapers
- You are rolling over from your back to your belly but not back over again. Well not that I have seen anyways but your daddy says that he's seen you roll from your belly to your back. Pity you can't show mummy that trick at 3am when you cry and she comes to your rescue and rights you on your back and puts your pacifier back in. Bless your heart, you are cute even when you cry at night.
- We think you're getting teeth but we don't see or feel any right now. You are drooling a lot right now though.
- You are on a different formula. We had you on Gerber Good Start but you didn't seem to like it, so we switched to Enfamil. That seems to be working better for now.
- You LOVE the German teddy that Gena and Hans bought you! Hallo, wie gehts? The fact that you like languages makes mummy VERY HAPPY :))
- We think you are a trooper. So much has gone on in your little life these past 6 weeks and we look on with wonder at how well you are handling all the new people in your life, and the new changes.
- We love you SO MUCH. I tell you I love you in English, Spanish and German every day. Just so you know you are LOVED.

Happy 5 month birthday, son.

Love mum and dad.

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Gena said...

Happy 5th month Birthday adorable Zachary. You are growing so fast and your mommy and daddy's love growswith you. Besos XO