Monday, August 20, 2012

The worst day of my life but I praised God in the midst of it all!

So yesterday was the WORST day of my life. My neurosurgeon couldn't have known how long it took to travel down to southern Virginia. It's all good though. As of 3.35am this morning I feel great! Pain meds help and although I am paranoid about getting addicted to them, I am only on 50 times 5mg of Oxycodone. So I better make them last :-)

No picture today. This was really hard to do, really hard, but I praised God in the midst of it all. I didn't think I had the energy to do so, I really didn't, but when the transportation tech wheeled me outside to take me to to the McElderly House, he kept making small talk. I'll confess, I wanted him to shut up. There I said it :) But in the midst of it all, I realized that this was an opportunity to witness, as crazy as it sounds! I know that God is using me in amazing ways, even for a short period on this earth.

Ok I am off to bed again.

Good night. Sleep tight!



Anonymous said...

I know you are happy to be home and in your own bed. I'm sorry yesterday was so hard on you, but glad you are feeling better. I loved spending time with Zachary last night while Bob and Robin took your mom and Howard out to eat. It was such a pleasure meeting both of them. Rest, rest,rest.
Continuing to pray.

TJ said...

Fiona (and Zev and Zach),
You are so brave and tough. I'm so glad you are on the road to recovery. I have been watching and praying. It is so generous and thoughtful for you to keep your far flung friends in "the know" and apprised of your status. Please don't over do it as your recovery is paramount. You are a great and wonderful mother, wife and friend and I know you will recover with flying colors. Please let me know of an address you will be staying, I would love to send some flowers and well wishes to you to help your recovery. Stay strong and take care.

your friend, TJ

Matt and Tiffany said...

Hi, Fiona.

You have no clue who I am, but I found your blog from that of a mutual friend's (Laura and Ryan). I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My dad was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago. Like you, he didn't know anything was wong until he had a seizure. In the ER, he learned he had an apple-sized tumor. The outlook was really grim at first. But, by the grace of God, he's been cancer free for almost 4 years! There are still a few things that he has difficulties with, but for the most past, he's completely back to normal.
I admire your strength and faith as you truly show us what it means to fully rely on God. God's blessings to you all!