Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!!

Happy Easter family and friends!  Christ is RISEN!
We went to a lovely Easter service at church this morning.  Meme and Howard have gone to NYC for a few days (since Baby Boy is running a little late on arriving!)  I called them today and they were at Battery Park, looking at the Statue of Liberty across the water.
We went for a nice walk along the beach yesterday afternoon.  I had to stop often but it was lovely to be out there.  There were lots of kids out and about too.  Still no baby you probably figured out!
My big belly.  Today during service, Zev watched and felt my belly move.  That is one of the best parts of pregnancy for me; having my husband interact with our baby boy.  I can't wait to see Zev's face when our son arrives!  So exciting.

What a glorious day!

And because I love this song...I will leave you with "God's not dead (he's roaring like a lion)."  PS: The band, "Newsboys" are from Moololaba, Australia!

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