Friday, January 13, 2012

Papa's HOME!!

Zev returned home on Wednesday after a week TDY in Oklahoma.  He started a new job on base where he gets to travel to different AF bases around the country (actually around the world!) and with his team, do inspections of the logistics and maintenance squadrons. He is so smart. I tried reading the guide book they have for this new job (I guess it's technically called a Directive or something important like that), and well, it sort of put me to sleep. But I love when he gives me a run down of his day at the end of each day. Thank goodness for Skype!
I have gotten a lot of work done at home on my business (just three cases to go until the baby comes and I take a break!) so that has been nice. Baby boy is growing seemingly quite fast this month (today marks the beginning of 7 months of pregnancy! Not long to go now :-)) 
I missed Zev a lot this past week.  Going to sleep without him by my side just isn't the same. I like looking after him and getting him ready for work in the mornings. We have our little routine and we both like routines. Thankfully, I had different friends check in on me every day that he was gone. Even my mum and dad called to check in on me (usually I call my mum every day). We have been blessed with lots of new friends from church and great neighbors that had me over for dinner and checked in on me.
(I think the photo above is funny. We took it this morning and were looking directly in the sun, hence Zev's "pained look". I think I look tired, which I am, even though we took the photo at about 10am!! Pregnancy has made me very tired lately!)
As Zev was gone over the weekend, he was able to stay home today and part of yesterday. Monday is MLK day, so Zev has a bit of an extra long weekend to enjoy. We had some incredibly warm weather yesterday (64 degrees on a January day!). I actually love it when the locals here say that the weather has been "unseasonably warm." We went to a farewell lunch in Zev's honor today, to farewell him for the job he has done in the Logistics Force Readiness. I was amazed at how many people turned up (I think his entire section which consisted of about 25 people) and the fondness that they had for Zev and his leadership, even though he was there for a short time before moving to his current job. His former colleagues also presented him with a plaque (in the picture above) and a lovely card and beer stein. We also went out to dinner tonight with Natalie and Steve. Natalie and I have the same OBGYN doctor and we LOVE him. He is a military doctor and honestly worth his weight in gold. He did say that he is planning to retire this year and move on to bigger and (better paying) things outside the military, but reassured me a few weeks ago that "it would be my pleasure to stick around until your baby is born, Fiona." I was glad to hear that.
Well, I think I am about to fall asleep at this keyboard and it is only 9.30pm. I'm off to bed. Dr. Reed gave me some iron supplements today, so hopefully they should help with the whole tiredness thing. Hopefully this blog entry makes sense too! So happy to be 7 months pregnant today....
Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land enjoy safe pasture.
Psalm 37:3

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