Sunday, September 04, 2011

Zev's Virginia Beach Half Marathon experience...

T-Shirt: Free
Two grainy pictures from race sponsor: $49.99
Entry fee: $99.00
Stopped doing 70 miles per hour in a 55 zone: $165.00
Running a Half Marathon without training: PRICELESS!
I was proud of Zev's effort today. Considering we have been living out of a suitcase since mid July and on the road a lot, Zev ran an awesome time (I wanted to put his time down but he said "a man never reveals his time.) It was definitely under two hours, let's just say that. We actually traveled down to VA Beach yesterday to pick up Zev's race packet.
As this is Labor Day long weekend, VA Beach was packed.
We stopped for lunch at a Greek restaurant on the beach. The Dolmades reminded us of our time in Greece earlier this year!
We left home at 6am this morning to drive to VA Beach. One funny piece of information I would like to share here, is that we got up at 5.00am for a 5.45am departure. I had a shower last night and so was ready at 5.45am to depart but someone was dilly dallying a little bit. We stopped on the way at Starbucks for Zev to get a cup of coffee (yes, before a half marathon!) and at this point I asked Zev "doesn't the race start at 7am? Zev responded "oh no, they just want us to be there at 7am. Race doesn't start until 7.30am."
After I dropped Zev off near the start line at 6.59am and then went to look for parking, I noticed that there were a bunch of people already running! I had signed up online to track Zev's run pace using my smartphone. Let's just say that the first SMS I received was to tell me that Zev had crossed the start line at 7.12am. Not bad for a 13 minute warm up
It really looked like a great race to run and I hope to run it with Zev next Labor Day long weekend! It was cool to see groups such as the "Hoyt" running team, who pushed people with cystic fibrosis in wheelchairs along the route.
Zev had good running form, right until the finish line!
The best part was that he was done by 9am and we were home by 11am!
This week, Zev returns to work (on Tuesday) and I already have two EEO cases to work on from home! We hope that you have a great week too!

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