Monday, September 19, 2011

Our first visitor!

My cousin Lizette is in northern Virginia for work this month. Since she normally lives in California, we thought it was a perfect time for her to come and visit us and catch up! I barely know the tourist sights here, so I took her to the beautiful and historical tourist location of Colonial Williamsburg.
It rained all day, which was a shame. Today is a beautiful, sunny day, which makes it an extra shame that it rained so much this past weekend!
I really like Colonial Williamsburg, because of the well maintained historic buildings and the fact that there are lots of local townsfolk dressed up in Colonial dress and talking in an old English style.
We watched and heard the Fife and Drums march by.
And enjoyed traditonal fare in a historic English pub.
We then did some shopping in the cute little stores in downtown Williamsburg. (I've heard that they do an incredible Christmas Market, similar to the ones in Germany, at Christmas time. I can't wait.)

I hope that you have a fantastic week! Enjoy each day.


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