Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcome to America

Some of my sweet friends from university, Philipp and Laura, came over last night for a "typical" night of Americana. We attend a few criminal law classes together at T├╝bingen and they are such fun to be around.
We grilled baby back ribs and baked some potatoes in the oven and served these with some corn on the cobb. The highlight of the evening was heading on base to see X-Men (because it was a movie in English as opposed to in German!)
Laura and Philipp liked the whole "signing in" on base with their passports; it was like visiting America!
One of the most "different" things for them to experience I think was having to stand up for the National Anthem, which is played at the beginning of each movie on an American military installation.
Tomorrow Zev and I embark on our last "hoorah"; a road trip through northern Italy, to experience some of the best Italian food. We are excited and never forget to thank God for everything; for the experience of living in Europe and the ability to go out and do things like travel. We would like to wish our dads and all the dads out there a very happy Fathers Day! Much love, Zev and Fi xo

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