Sunday, April 03, 2011

Super. Man.

I know that everyone thinks their husband is the best, strongest, most "super" (what is the superlative for "super"?). Anyway, I am here to say on this blog, well, because I can, that my husband really is super. Man.
Zev entered (ok well really I entered him, he raced) in a local race called the "Off-Road Run" It was held at the local shopping center and featured a 9km course dotted with obstacles like the sand pit, stair climbing (the parking lot stairs), climbing over hay bales, navigating through the recycle bins and the shopping trolleys (this was a shopping center race!) and through the woods for a little bit. I was so proud of him. He finished 62nd out of almost 400 participants!!
The race covered about 1000 feet of elevation change over 5 and a quarter miles.
Someone was a little nervous before-hand...
This is what I said when he asked me why he had to run this by himself (I just laughed and said "´This one is your race baby.") I know my limitations- flat races for me. I am not an obtacle course runner...
But I was there for my super man nonetheless.
Before the race started, we toured the "course." I just love the yellow recycle bin obstable course. We use three different bins in Germany; green is for regular trash and is our smallest bin; yellow is for "Gelber Sack" items which include plastics, packaging materials, and blue is for our paper.
And they´re off! (Zev has a green shirt on...can you see him?)
It was so warm out there, it was almost downright hot. I love this weather. Temperature is probably around 80 degrees Fahrenheit or about 27 degrees Celcius. The image below is cool; it is the screen shot from Zev´s Garmin, which shows the actual path that he took! He ran the race in 43:37. Pretty good for a 9km obstacle course in warm weather! He is my super man.
He leaps over big things...
He tackles things head on.
He makes it through things in one piece..
And gives me a smile at the end.
Well done, baby!
We are off to Ulla and Manfred´s house for a typical German "Raclette" (I think it´s like fondue.)
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Love, Fi ;-)

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