Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Snail and other Signs of Spring

I am so in love with this new weather. I love Spring. The birds chirping, new life being created, flowers and color popping up everywhere. I went for a run yesterday and just loved taking it all in. It was a good run, although I did slip in some mud which was not so cool. It´s been raining lately (April showers bring May flowers!) so the ground was a little slippery.
Here are some pictures which depict the signs of Spring in Germany....not sure what the featured trees are called but they are everywhere here....
My neighbor´s yard (Magda, the one who makes us delicious Christmas cookies every year):
And finally, the Cherry Tree. Here is a quick explanation of why I photographed The Cherry Tree. As you can see, this tree is located on a fairly empty field, up the road from us. I am not sure if someone actually owns the land (I´m sure they do) but no one really tends to this tree during the year. Anyway, around this time of the year, The Cherry Tree blossoms and about a month later, produces some deliciously sweet cherries. I am always running by it, waiting for those cherries to pop out, but I tell you, I somehow manage to miss "just the right moment" because the high school kids get to the tree first and take all the low hanging cherries. I told Zev that this year, I am bringing our kitchen ladder.
 Enjoy the weekend!

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