Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung.

Spring has Sprung.
It "sprung" while we were away, actually. So it was nice to come home to flowers budding and birds chirping. This is a picture of my neighbor´s flowers by the way. Although I am lucky that our garden has flowers that seem to pop up without me doing anything. Which is probably a good thing. For the flowers, that is.
We are home and back to "reality" which includes Zev going back to work (looooong days and nights, poor possum) and me catching up on housework and working on my thesis. Vacation is so much better isn´t it? We were able to go for a run together yesterday morning. In the sun. That was fun. The run. (I was an English major for my first degree. Can you tell?)
Zev made up some delicious calzones last night. It´s amazing where your imagination takes you when you haven´t done the grocery shop in a while and have to use "what´s left" in the fridge/pantry.
We also watched "True Grit" (the latest version with Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in it. The young girl in the movie really "made" the movie in my opinion.)
Blogging is so much more fun than thesis writing, isn´t it? Ok back to work for me.

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Anonymous said...

Those calzones look delish!!