Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to help Japan

Some suggestions if you would like to donate from the US:

The humanitarian group World Vision has personnel on the ground distributing first relief supplies like water, diapers, blankets and powdered milk to victims and their children in affected areas.
It also plans to establish one or more "child-friendly spaces" for kids "affected by disasters to resume normal childhood activities and experience structure and security that are often lost following emergency situations."
Follow World Vision's blog for updates, and visit its website or text "4JAPAN" to 20222 to send a $10 donation to the group. It will show up on your next mobile phone bill.

The Salvation Army in Japan has three emergency service relief teams in affected areas. A team in Sendai handed out 1,000 hot meals, drinks and handi-towels to survivors. Another team in the Mito area unloaded water bottles, biscuits, blankets, diapers and tissue boxes for distribution to evacuees.
The aid organization is issuing updates via its blog, its Twitter feed and Facebook page. It also is accepting donations via text message. Those interested in contributing $10 to the group can text "JAPAN" or "QUAKE" to 80888.

ShelterBox was on the ground in Japan less than 24 hours after the earthquake struck. The first ShelterBoxes (emergency shelters) will be taken to the hardest hit areas in Japan's north on Thursday.
"In light of how many people are now displaced from their homes, our primary concern is making sure that our aid is available to those who need it most," Tom Henderson, ShelterBox founder and CEO, said in a statement.

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