Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Means "thank you" in Greek.
Tonight we went out to dinner at a little "hole-in-the-wall" that we came across in the fresh food markets that we walked through this afternoon.
We were off the beaten path, in a little "blink and you´ll miss it" alley-way between alley-ways and although we couldn´t read the menu (cue "it´s all greek to me"), the owner/waiter/cook was outstanding and so friendly and accomodating and vividly translated the menu for us and gave us a true taste of awesome Greek cuisine. It was  a WORLD apart from the sub-standard dinner we had last night. (Long story short, last night we walked around for about 45 minutes trying to find a place to eat and finally settled for the only place that seemed to serve dinner and had to settle for "what was left" which included soggy french fries with kebabs which they said was chicken souvlaki. But I digress.)
So I can´t remember the names of the dishes, but I know that they included Tatziki dip; this awesome tomato and pepper dip with cheese, that was all hot; these yummy spicy meatballs (that dish with four meatballs on the left) that has this cool berry sauce; a lamb and sweet onion dish with peppers and Greek yoghurt, topped with some sweet red Greek wine and accompanied by bread and water. It was just so yummy. And we paid the grand total of 28 euros for everything including drinks, which was excellent value.
Today was such an awesome day! I even worked on my thesis for 2 hours this afternoon while Zev took a nap! How´s that for making the most of time!? I must say that I don´t think I have ever posted as many blog entries as I have today! Until our next update, Kalispera!

PS: We are watching CNN International in our hotel room as I type this entry and our hearts go out to the victims of the Japan earthquake/ tsunami/nuclear plant concerns. I have family in Tokyo and I believe that they are ok. We believe in the power of prayer, and encourage you to pray for the survivors and recovery efforts in Japan. Love, Fi xo

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