Thursday, March 17, 2011

Greek frappes

Today was a very "chilled out" sort of day, a bit like the Greek "frappe" drinks we keep seeing people drink. Apparently these cold, frothy drinks were invented in 1953 during a fair in Thessaloniki and the young people really seem to enjoy them. They are made up of Nescafe instant coffee, mixed with water and ice and sugar and frothed milk. Quite refreshing, actually. This is a picture of the frappe with ice-cream that Zev had at the top of the communications tower that we visited this afternoon. The restaurant inside was a revolving restaurant, which gave us a cool view of the city.
We visited the Byzantine Museum today, and although it was interesting, it was a bit of a strange experience. The building was very nice and large and modern and the displays were neatly presented but we were only allowed to visit three rooms and were kind of rushed out of there because they were apparently closing in 10 minutes. Mind you, we arrived at 2.30pm and were the only people in this museum. There were four employees that we counted inside, and they took turns following us through the rooms.
There were some quirky facts about the Byzantine era....I will let the following pictures explain...
This fact below made me smile..."despite the polemics...women continued to make themselves pretty."
They made pretty good jewelry for the 4th Century!
If you look carefully, you can see a pair of tweezers next to what looks like a pin, in the center of the picture below.
There were some beautiful mosaic displays, which showed the color and detail used to depict different images, as early as the 4th Century!
Tomorrow we head to Athens. I am excited to see the Akropolis and Parthenon and other historical sights. Till then, Kalispera!

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