Friday, March 18, 2011


Athens is amazing.
I had heard some reviews about Athens being dirty and full of cats (I can´t remember who told me this, but this is what I remember) and it simply isn´t true. Perhaps we have just been really lucky in where we found a place to stay but we got out and about today and saw some incredible, beautiful, clean sights. We really like Athens.
We flew in to Athens from Thessaloniki today. It was only a 50 minute flight and the train from Athens airport to the downtown area where we are staying (in the Plaka district) was easy and very comfortable. The train was in top condition and clean and the train stations all looked sparkling new. Perhaps the 2004 Athens Olympics had something to do with that!?
The weather is simply perfect. Warm and sunny but not too humid. Cardigan or light sweater in the evenings. Very safe and well lit at night, great prices for food and drinks and beautiful views, surrounded by amazing historical sights. We had dinner tonight at a lovely little restaurant underneath the Akropolis. It was an incredible sight to see the hill all lit up and to have a typical Greek dinner in such ancient and beautiful surroundings.
Time for bed now. Till tomorrow!

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