Sunday, October 31, 2010

Esslinger Musiknacht!

Last night was the Esslinger Musiknacht. This is our third year in a row going, and just like the previous two years, we had such a blast!
The village of Esslingen organizes the music night in the fall of each year, whereby live bands play at about 30 pubs and restaurants across our beautiful village. It's great, because you get to explore restaurants that you may have never entered before as well as enjoy some fun music. The quality of music could best be described as college bands, but everyone sings and dances along and if the music at a particular place doesn't take your fancy, you just move to the next place on the map!
We visited some cool restaurants that we hadn't been in before, but will probably definitely try, the next time we head down town for an evening. We really liked the Spanish tapas bar, where a woman and a man were dancing some beautiful flamenco on the stage and the lady singing had an incredible voice.
Hope you have a wonderful week! It is a gorgeous day here today.

Love and hugs,

Zev and Fifi xoxo

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